Clark Atlanta University Unveils Ambitious Triplex Building Project to Enhance Student Experience

Clark Atlanta University Unveils Ambitious Triplex Building Project to Enhance Student Experience
  • PublishedOctober 14, 2023

In a momentous and visionary move, Clark Atlanta University (CAU) is set to embark on three concurrent construction projects that will redefine the campus landscape and enhance the student experience at this iconic institution.

Responding to the call for expanded housing options due to increased enrollment and growing demand for on-campus living, CAU’s Board of Trustees has taken a bold step forward. Drawing on extensive collaboration with students, the university’s vision has crystallized into three transformative facilities: a cutting-edge freshman residence hall, a spacious dining facility, and an innovative student success center.

The focal point of this initiative is the freshman residence hall, which will accommodate up to 400 students. Notably, this marks CAU’s first self-owned residence hall since the introduction of Brawley Hall back in 1996, during the era of the Olympic Games.

On the culinary front, the Bumstead/Ware location will soon be home to a modern dining hall, offering a diverse array of culinary delights in a contemporary setting.

Situated directly across from SNCC Way, the state-of-the-art student success center will rise to meet the evolving needs of CAU’s students. This center is designed to provide resources and programs that champion student achievements, with a core emphasis on fostering collaborations that enhance student persistence and successful degree completion.

To fund these ambitious projects, CAU will strategically combine debt financing with contributions from a food service vendor. This carefully crafted financial approach ensures that the projects can effectively address the growing demand for on-campus housing.

President George T. French, Jr., Ph.D., highlighted the profound significance of this monumental step, stating, “Today’s pivotal decision represents Clark Atlanta University’s commitment to our students. It reflects our response to surging enrollments and the imperative of providing on-campus housing.”

With construction plans ready to be set into motion, the entire CAU community eagerly anticipates an official date for the unveiling of these transformative structures. As CAU continues its legacy of prioritizing student well-being and success, these cutting-edge facilities are poised to enrich the academic journey of its students.

Located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, Clark Atlanta University (CAU) proudly stands as a private, historically black institution. Formed in 1988 through the merger of Clark College and Atlanta University, CAU has consistently delivered top-tier undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees. Grounded in excellence across education, research, and community service, CAU nurtures future global leaders, equipped to shape a better world.

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