Congressional Black Caucus Forms New Super PAC

Congressional Black Caucus Forms New Super PAC
  • PublishedJuly 19, 2023


The Rolling Sea Action Fund has a Black voter mobilization strategy to help Democrats retake the U.S. House of Representatives.

The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) has fixed its sights on helping to elect as many Democrats as possible in the 2024 election to win a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.

To that end, the CBC is launching a super PAC to mobilize Black voters who are the party’s most dependable voters, The Hill reports. If the CBC succeeds in taking control of the House from Republicans, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries is poised to become the nation’s first Black Speaker of the House.

Super PACs can receive unlimited contributions from various sources, including individuals, corporations and labor unions, to finance independent political activity, according to the Federal Elections Commission.

The Rolling Sea Action Fund plans to raise money and invest in ads and campaigns in the upcoming election cycle, with the aim of helping Democrats flip at least the five seats they currently need to become the majority party in the House.

Niccara Campbell-Wallace, the executive director of the new fund, told The Hill that Black voters represent the “backbone” of the Democratic Party.

“When Black voters turn out, they turn out, and they fight for democracy,” Campbell-Wallace, the CBC’s former political director, stated. “This organization shares the mission and goals of the CBC PAC, which is focused on recruitment. This will be an avenue to really, really target folks in battlefield districts that are crucial for us to take back the House in 2024.”

The election strategy includes targeting districts that contain at least 8 percent of Black residents who are voting age, as well as investing eight figures into mobilization efforts and campaigns, Campbell-Wallace revealed.

At the same time, the super PAC plans to avoid the past mistake of taking the Black vote for granted. The PAC intends to have a constant presence in Black communities instead of showing up shortly before election day.

There’s a lot of potential for Black candidates if the 2022 election is an indicator of what’s possible.

Axios reported in February that the 118th Congress, which was elected in 2022, features the largest number of Black lawmakers in history. Half of the 60 Black lawmakers elected to Congress in 2022 won in states or districts with a plurality of White voters. That’s a further indication that the number of White voters who refuse to elect a Black candidate is declining, according to Axios.

“Representation does matter. You have to see yourself in order to be what you see,” Campbell-Wallace told The Hill. “Having all these voices at the table with different thoughts, different types of Black people – because we know Black people are not a monolith – really lends itself to that.”

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