David Yurman Announces Michael B. Jordan As Its Global Brand Ambassador

David Yurman Announces Michael B. Jordan As Its Global Brand Ambassador
  • PublishedJanuary 30, 2024

Luxury jewelry brand David Yurman has just made a thrilling announcement, revealing actor Michael B. Jordan as their global brand ambassador. In a groundbreaking partnership, Jordan will take on the role of representing ‘The Vault,’ David Yurman’s first-ever Men’s High Jewelry collection, in his debut as the brand’s global ambassador. The campaign for this exclusive collection was brought to life through the creative vision of talented young photographer Tyler Mitchell and the skilled direction of Jason Bolden. Notably, all three prominent figures involved in this project are Black men, each excelling in their respective fields.

For Jordan, working alongside fellow Black creatives on this venture was particularly meaningful. He expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “I thought it was excellent working with two other Black men in the industry. It was a lot of fun! Growing up in this industry, there weren’t key Black and brown faces in those positions.” The collaboration with Tyler Mitchell and Jason Bolden represents a significant step toward greater diversity and inclusion in the world of luxury fashion and jewelry.

Despite his new role as the face of a luxury jewelry brand, Jordan confesses that he was not known for wearing a lot of jewelry in the past. His style usually leaned toward subtlety with tucked-in chains, stud earrings, and watches. However, his association with David Yurman has prompted an evolution in his approach to accessorizing. Jordan notes, “I think this is probably the most jewelry you’ve ever seen me wear in this campaign.”

Michael B. Jordan for David Yurman “The Vault” Men’s High Jewelry, Spring 2024

‘The Vault’ collection is a 30-piece ensemble that includes striking necklaces adorned with pavé diamond details, meticulously crafted bracelets, exquisite rings, and sophisticated cufflinks. Some of the pieces even incorporate high watch-making techniques. Each item in this collection is a testament to the artisanal expertise of David Yurman, with master craftsmen employing custom diamond cuts to create pieces featuring bold stone treatments.

Among the treasures within ‘The Vault’ collection, Jordan’s personal favorites are the chain necklaces. He appreciates the intricate design, with its unique angles and curves that speak volumes to him. His experience working with the David Yurman team was nothing short of incredible, and he is thrilled to be part of the brand’s journey.

This new high jewelry line represents a culmination of two decades of David Yurman’s storytelling, design innovation, and engineering mastery. It embodies the brand’s unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

For those eager to explore ‘The Vault’ collection, you can find it on, where the exquisite pieces await discovery. Michael B. Jordan’s association with David Yurman promises to be a significant milestone in the world of fashion and luxury jewelry, reflecting the evolving landscape of inclusivity and style in the industry.

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