FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel’s Visit to WRBJ Highlights the Station’s Role in Broadcasting Innovation and Community Service

  • PublishedFebruary 9, 2024

In an event marking a significant milestone for broadcasting innovation and community connectivity, USBC Media affiliate WRBJ Radio proudly hosted FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel to discuss the FCC’s commitment to harnessing innovative technologies to bridge the digital divide. The visit spotlighted WRBJ’s leadership in testing groundbreaking technologies to serve minority communities and foster affordable connectivity.

In 2022, WRBJ Radio was selected as one of two stations for an FCC-endorsed pilot to explore the delivery of hyperlocal content, focusing particularly on the community surrounding Jackson State University. This technology enables radio stations to use boosters to broadcast up to three minutes of targeted content within specific areas of a station’s broadcast range, significantly improving the delivery of localized weather updates, traffic reports, news, and targeted advertisements.

The testing at WRBJ demonstrated the technology’s potential to not only extend coverage in areas with traditionally weak signals but also to enhance the station’s ratings through geo-targeted programming. This innovation has proven beneficial for hundreds of thousands of listeners, offering them content tailored to their immediate environment without causing interference.

Steve Roberts, President of Roberts Broadcasting and owner of WRBJ-FM, shared his enthusiasm for the Chairwoman’s visit and the opportunity it provided to highlight the station’s innovative approach.

“For years, we faced challenges competing with larger broadcast groups,” said Roberts. “During the testing, the technology not only improved our market coverage and revenue but also allowed us to support small businesses in our community by making advertising options more accessible and affordable.”

“As the FCC continues to push for advancements in broadcasting technology, the success stories from WRBJ Radio stand as a testament to what the future of radio could hold for minority groups and underserved communities across the nation,” Roberts added. “We are grateful for the Chairwoman’s visit and support in progressing innovative technologies to meet the diverse needs of our communities.”

About WRBJ Radio

WRBJ-FM (97.7 MHz) is an urban contemporary radio station in Jackson, Mississippi, dedicated to providing quality news, music, and entertainment while serving the community’s needs. The station is owned and operated by Roberts Broadcasting, former owners of The CW television affiliate WRBJ. For more information, please visit

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