Former NBA Players Joe and Jordan Crawford Open Cafe-Bar and Hidden Speakeasy in Detroit

Former NBA Players Joe and Jordan Crawford Open Cafe-Bar and Hidden Speakeasy in Detroit
  • PublishedJanuary 8, 2024

Brothers’ CRED Cafe brings coffee, pastries, and a touch of Prohibition-era charm to Detroit’s Rivertown district

Detroit, MI – Last month, former NBA players and brothers, Joe and Jordan Crawford embarked on an exciting new venture in their hometown of Detroit. Their brainchild, CRED Cafe, nestled in the heart of the city’s Rivertown district, is making waves by offering a unique blend of coffee, pastries, and a hidden speakeasy.

During daylight hours, CRED Cafe welcomes patrons with a cozy ambiance and an array of coffee options, pastries, and snacks. But as the sun sets, a concealed doorway unveils a hidden gem—a speakeasy reminiscent of Detroit’s Prohibition-era establishments. The speakeasy can accommodate up to 75 guests and boasts an enticing selection of cocktails and spirits.

The concept for CRED Cafe was born while the Crawford brothers were traveling abroad. They observed the absence of similar spaces in their hometown and decided to fill the void themselves. The idea was pitched to their parents and younger brother, resulting in a collaborative effort to bring it to fruition. The family applied for a grant from Detroit’s Motor City Match small-business program and was awarded a $60,000 grant to assist with renovations and equipment.

A recent ribbon-cutting ceremony in Rivertown, attended by Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and representatives from the Detroit Economic Growth Corp., marked the official opening of CRED Cafe. Sylvia Crawford, the brothers’ mother, expressed her pride in her sons’ accomplishment, saying, “Our story is one of passion, commitment, and a genuine desire to contribute to Detroit’s growth. We started with a dream and transformed a vacant, blighted building into a multifaceted space that reflects the spirit of our community.”

Mayor Duggan commended the Crawfords for their dedication to Detroit, stating, “It represents how individuals like Joe and Jordan, who have achieved success at the highest levels outside of Detroit and Michigan, are coming back home to reinvest in the city that raised them. I’m so proud of what they have done with CRED Cafe, and I just know the community will support them.”

CRED Cafe is not just a cafe-bar but a symbol of the Crawford family’s commitment to their community’s growth and revitalization. With its unique blend of modernity and a nod to Detroit’s history, the establishment is poised to become a cherished gathering spot for locals and visitors alike. As Detroit continues its resurgence, ventures like CRED Cafe stand as beacons of hope and progress, embodying the spirit of reinvestment in the city’s future.

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