GeoBroadcast Solutions and Geo Global Banad Pvt. Ltd Celebrate Partnership with Prasar Bharati

GeoBroadcast Solutions and Geo Global Banad Pvt. Ltd Celebrate Partnership with Prasar Bharati
  • PublishedOctober 31, 2023

GeoBroadcast Solutions and Geo Global Banad Pvt. Ltd Celebrate Partnership with Prasar Bharati on the Testing of Cutting-Edge Broadcasting Technologies in India

Representatives of the collaboration share updates on the current exploration of MaxxCasting™ and ZoneCasting™ technologies in New Delhi and Bengaluru

On the eve of the National Association of Broadcasters Convention in New York City, GeoBroadcast Solutions and Geo Global Banad Pvt. Ltd met with Mr. Aditya Chaturvedi, Deputy Director General of India’s public broadcaster Prasar Bharati, to discuss the progress of the testing of ZoneCasting and MaxxCasting technologies on its radio stations.

Under this pioneering collaboration, ZoneCasting and MaxxCasting technologies have been authorized for deployment and testing in two of India’s most vibrant and populous cities – New Delhi, the capital, and Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India. With populations exceeding 10 million residents each, not including the metro regions, these cities offer an ideal platform for showcasing the transformative potential of ZoneCasting and MaxxCasting technologies.

“In a country as culturally diverse as India, catering to the multitude of dialects, population segments, and language preferences is a monumental task,” said Mr. Aditya Chaturvedi, Deputy Director General of Prasar Bharati. “As we delve into these cutting-edge technologies, we envision a future where we can streamline operations, serving the unique needs of all our audiences from one centralized hub. Though our testing has just begun, the technology is already demonstrating its significance in the context of our rich Indian culture.”

The Indian government’s open embrace of these technologies aims to provide real-time, real-space broadcasting opportunities, offering significant benefits to broadcasters and listeners alike. ZoneCasting technology enables the targeted delivery of content to specific geographic zones, optimizing the listener experience. MaxxCasting, on the other hand, extends the reach and coverage of FM radio, enhancing the quality of reception even in challenging terrains.

The historic evening took place in the presence of the architects of this radio innovation, including Bert Goldman, Chief Engineer for the company’s ZoneCasting and MaxxCasting initiatives in India, and Dev Darshan Banad Viswanath, Managing Director of Geo Global Banad Pvt. Ltd.

“Our partnership with the Government of India has been an incredibly positive experience,” said Mr. Dev Darshan Banad Viswanath. “Their enthusiasm and willingness to embrace these technologies has made it an exciting collaboration. We’re looking forward to making substantial progress in the coming months, and we believe it will be a game-changer for India’s broadcasting landscape.”

The introduction of ZoneCasting and MaxxCasting technologies in India marks a significant step forward in the evolution of the country’s broadcasting landscape. The collaboration between GeoBroadcast Solutions, Geo Global Banad Pvt. Ltd, and Prasar Bharati promises to enrich the listening experience, expand broadcasting capabilities, and unlock new horizons for the Indian broadcasting industry.

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