LeBron James’ Son Bronny Was Urgently Taken to the Hospital Due to Cardiac Episode

LeBron James’ Son Bronny Was Urgently Taken to the Hospital Due to Cardiac Episode
  • PublishedJuly 25, 2023

Bronny James, the son of basketball icon LeBron James, experienced a distressing incident during a workout session in Los Angeles on Monday and was immediately rushed to the hospital, according to a statement released by his family.

The statement revealed that during the practice, Bronny suffered a cardiac arrest, prompting prompt medical attention. Fortunately, the medical staff acted swiftly, and Bronny was transported to the hospital. The latest update confirmed that he is now in stable condition and has been moved out of the intensive care unit (ICU). The family has requested privacy during this time and expressed their gratitude to the USC medical and athletic staff for their dedicated efforts in ensuring the safety of their athletes.

Bronny James, 18 years old, had previously announced his intention to play basketball for the University of Southern California (USC), where this medical emergency occurred. Standing tall at 6-foot-3, he is a highly regarded player, having been recognized as a McDonald’s All-American and garnering significant attention during his time at Sierra Canyon School in Los Angeles.

This incident brings attention to the critical issue of athletes’ heart health, which has become a focal point in the world of sports due to several recent high-profile cases. Bronny’s teammate at USC, Vincent Iwuchukwu, experienced a similar episode in July 2022, and it kept him away from basketball until January. Tragically, there have been other instances, including the death of 18-year-old high school basketball player Cartier Woods, who suffered a cardiac arrest during a game, and Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin’s collapse on the field during a televised game.

LeBron James has publicly shared his desire to continue playing in the NBA long enough to have the opportunity to play alongside his eldest son, Bronny. The sports community, along with many others, has been deeply concerned about Bronny’s well-being, and numerous individuals have offered their prayers and support for his recovery.

As the situation develops, the focus remains on Bronny’s recovery and overall health. The James family and their son Bronny have received an outpouring of support and concern from fans, friends, and fellow athletes during this difficult time.

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