Michael Bivens Becomes Whitehall’s First African American Mayor In a Historic Milestone

  • PublishedJanuary 1, 2024

Whitehall, a city with a 76-year history, embarked on a new chapter on the last day of 2023 as it celebrated a significant milestone. Michael Bivens, a respected figure in the community, was sworn in as the first African American mayor of the city, marking a momentous occasion in Whitehall’s history.

In a heartfelt speech, Mayor Bivens described his ascent to the mayor’s office as “a family transition,” emphasizing the vital role his family has played in his journey. “We support each other,” he stated, reflecting on the unwavering support system within his family unit.

Michael Bivens, alongside his wife Joy, has been a prominent figure in Whitehall for years. The couple, who began their life together in this city, has raised two children, Mikayla and Michael Bivens Jr., instilling in them the values of community service and leadership.

Prior to his election as mayor, Bivens dedicated nine years of his career to serving as the city attorney for Whitehall. His new role as mayor, he believes, will enable him to serve the citizens of Whitehall on a larger scale. Bivens’ approach to governance is hands-on and relational. He plans to maintain an open-door policy, not just for the city staff but also for the residents, ensuring a responsive and accessible administration.

Mayor Bivens has expressed his commitment to serving the community to the fullest. His priorities include practical and dependable governance, focusing on addressing the needs and aspirations of the people of Whitehall. His election as mayor is not only a personal achievement for Bivens and his family but also a significant step forward for the city in embracing diversity and representation in its leadership.

As Whitehall turns a new leaf with Mayor Bivens at the helm, the community looks forward to a period of inclusive and dynamic leadership, one that promises to bring positive changes and a stronger sense of unity among its residents.

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