“The Good News” with Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis Jr. Episode: Economy

  • PublishedJanuary 9, 2024
Join USBC Radio Network for a dose of positivity and empowerment with ‘The Good News,’ hosted by the esteemed Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis Jr. and powered by KMG Networks. In just 60 seconds, this innovative radio commentary program delivers a breath of fresh air by highlighting the positive stories that often go unnoticed in global headline news. With its unique perspective on the day’s events, ‘The Good News’ offers more than just a ray of hope; it provides a daily dose of inspiration that empowers us all to embrace a brighter outlook on the world. Tune in and let the uplifting stories shared by Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis Jr. remind us that there’s always a reason to celebrate the goodness in our world. Brought to You By Better Help Learn more and listen at
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