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Atlanta Rapper Lil Baby Ventures into the Food Industry, Unveils Seafood Restaurant and Lounge in the AUC

Atlanta Rapper Lil Baby Ventures into the Food Industry, Unveils Seafood Restaurant and Lounge in the AUC
  • PublishedJuly 23, 2023

Friday, July 14th, The Seafood Menu Restaurant & Lounge, the first restaurant owned by recording artist, philanthropist and businessman Lil Baby, opened its doors to the general public. Its opening was a memorable event, and it marks the beginning of a new era in seafood dining.

This establishment is set to disrupt the restaurant scene with its unparalleled seafood offerings, providing a whole new taste experience for seafood enthusiasts at a fraction of the cost. It also creates a unique atmosphere where guests can savor delectable seafood dishes while immersing themselves in an ambiance that pays homage to the rich history of hip-hop music.

Aesthetically, The Seafood Menu is second to none. The interior was constructed by local interior designer – and Black woman – Jasmine Smith, who has known Lil Baby for years and previously worked with the restaurant’s co-founder Chad Dillon, with The Boiler Room. “When they showed me the location, I saw that it was in the heart of Atlanta,” Smith says. “I first came to them for any info that they had, and Baby and Chad pretty much agreed that they wanted something that was for our culture.”

“They wanted to do something that involved a hip hop type of feel, but also keep it Atlanta.,” she adds. “That’s how I came up with the wall design. I took Baby’s favorite R&B and hip hop artists, along with Atlanta’ monumental establishments like the Braves’ stadium and The Varsity, and other places he visited growing up. So, I wanted the interior to feel like home. I wanted it to feel like Atlanta.”

The Seafood Menu boasts an array of tantalizing flavors, highlighted by seven unique custom sauces that are the heart and soul of the menu. The restaurant’s innovative approach combines classic seafood with unexpected twists, infusing traditional wing flavors like lemon pepper and honey hot sauce into mouth watering seafood butter sauces. This unprecedented fusion is a testament to Lil Baby’s commitment to creativity and pushing boundaries. 

Looking to the future, Lil Baby envisions expanding The Seafood Menu through franchising, sharing his culinary vision with a global audience. When asked about his decision to enter the restaurant business, he expressed his desire for longevity. “Restaurants are one of the few businesses that have lasted for 50 years, standing strong even through the challenges of the pandemic,” he explained. “I believe in the power of endurance.”

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