Commissioner Starks and Commissioner Carr Joint Statement on Broadcast Innovation

Commissioner Starks and Commissioner Carr Joint Statement on Broadcast Innovation
  • PublishedJanuary 31, 2024

Commissioners Support Authorizing Voluntary Service

Earlier today, the Chairwoman circulated an order and further notice of proposed rulemaking to allow FM broadcasters to air geo-targeted content for a limited period of time during the broadcast hour.  Commissioners Carr and Starks released the following joint statement applauding the news:

“As Commissioners on the FCC, we have consistently stood up for policies that drive innovation and support small businesses.  We strongly believe that radio deserves to benefit from the same path of progress.  For broadcasters, listeners, and businesses that rely on the airwaves to reach their audience—not to mention public safety—radio is too important to leave behind as other services continue to pioneer.

“That’s why we support allowing geo-targeted content on the FM dial.  In 2020, in a unanimous and bipartisan vote, the FCC proposed to revise its rules to permit broadcasters to originate a limited amount of geo-targeted content from FM booster stations.  Since we released that unanimous proposal, small and independent broadcasters have repeatedly told us that geo-targeting could be a gamechanger.  They’ve said the technology could help them stay relevant, and in some cases stay in business, by allowing them to offer hyper-localized content over radio—just as television broadcasters are beginning to do with NextGenTV.  We’ve also heard that geo-targeting could lift small businesses and community organizations by helping them reach a targeted audience more cost effectively, thereby reducing barriers to the Nation’s airwaves and connecting listeners to the content that matters to them the most. 

“That is why we’d like to extend our thanks to the Chairwoman for moving this proceeding to an order so that broadcasters can implement this technology, to the extent they choose to do so.  Without a doubt, geo-targeting presents a new way of thinking about FM.  If radio entrepreneurs want to test new business models and deploy new technologies, the FCC’s rules shouldn’t stand in the way.”


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