Jaleel White to Host Exciting New Syndicated Game Show “The Flip Side”

Jaleel White to Host Exciting New Syndicated Game Show “The Flip Side”
  • PublishedJanuary 22, 2024

The world of syndicated game shows is about to welcome a fresh addition that promises entertainment and fun.

CBS Stations has enthusiastically greenlit ‘The Flip Side,’ a thrilling syndicated game show set to be hosted by none other than Jaleel White, famously known as Steve Urkel from the beloved series ‘Family Matters.’ The highly anticipated show is scheduled to make its grand debut on CBS Stations nationwide in the upcoming fall season.

‘The Flip Side’ is set to challenge two teams of contestants, putting their knowledge of how different groups of people perceive the same issue to the test. Teams will have the opportunity to select from a variety of multiple-choice answers, and those with the sharpest insight into human behavior will be rewarded handsomely.

Jaleel White expressed his excitement about his new role as the host, saying, “I have enjoyed my time as a celebrity contestant on numerous game shows, but my dream has always been to be the host – the one who can make people’s day by giving away money! When I first learned about this concept, I immediately knew I wanted to be the ringmaster of this entertaining and humorous game show where the only requirement is a keen understanding of human nature.”

Distributed by CBS Media Ventures, the same company responsible for popular shows like ‘The Drew Barrymore Show,’ ‘Jeopardy,’ ‘Wheel of Fortune,’ ‘Entertainment Tonight,’ ‘Inside Edition,’ ‘Hot Bench,’ and ‘Pictionary,’ ‘The Flip Side’ joins the ranks alongside the renowned libraries of ‘Judge Judy’ and ‘Dr. Phil.’

Wendy McMahon, CEO of CBS News and Stations and CBS Media Ventures, expressed her optimism, stating, “Game shows have been a shining star in both syndication and network primetime in recent years. Their dedicated viewers tune in more frequently than any other genre. We are thrilled to introduce a captivating concept, coupled with the exceptional comedic talent of host Jaleel White, to the market with ‘The Flip Side.’ It’s the perfect addition to any station’s programming lineup, offering the flexibility to fit into various time slots or even create a dedicated game show block.”

While the specific time slot for ‘The Flip Side’ on CBS Stations remains undecided, insiders suggest that it may find its place in the daytime programming schedule. Local affiliates will have the opportunity to choose the airtime that best suits their viewers.

Jaleel White is represented by Silver Lining Entertainment, AP Brand Group, and Gang Tyre, showcasing his continued success in the entertainment industry. ‘The Flip Side’ promises to be a captivating addition to the world of syndicated game shows, offering a unique twist that will keep viewers engaged and entertained.

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