Phillip A. Washington Is Leading Denver International Airport to New Heights

Phillip A. Washington Is Leading Denver International Airport to New Heights
  • PublishedJanuary 22, 2024

Meet Phillip A. Washington, the visionary CEO of Denver International Airport (DEN), a sprawling 33,531-acre (52.4 sq mi; 135.7 km2) facility, which proudly ranks as the second largest airport globally. Appointed in 2021 and reconfirmed in 2023, Washington is at the helm of the world’s third busiest airport, handling millions of passengers annually.

Under Washington’s leadership, DEN is embarking on a groundbreaking journey, aptly named Vision 100, with the goal of accommodating a staggering 100 million passengers by 2030, signifying a remarkable 30% increase. Managing a remarkable $10 billion Capital Improvement Program, he has spearheaded transformative changes, including the airport’s retrofitting, the planning of a colossal rental car facility, and a strong commitment to environmental initiatives such as plugging oil wells and expanding solar panel installations.

Prior to his tenure at Denver International Airport, Washington made significant waves as the CEO of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) and the Denver Regional Transportation District (RTD). In Los Angeles, he expertly managed a balanced budget of $8.5 billion and oversaw major capital projects. His exemplary leadership played a pivotal role in the successful passage of Measure M, a half-cent sales tax initiative supporting 40 major projects and job creation.

Washington’s remarkable contributions extend far beyond the realm of transportation. His induction into the American Public Transportation Association Hall of Fame and his nomination for the position of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Administrator by President Biden serve as a testament to his exceptional achievements.

With a distinguished 24-year career in the U.S. Army, Washington holds a B.A. in Business and an M.A. in Management. His impressive journey encompasses leading the Host Transportation Committee for the 2008 Democratic National Convention and receiving esteemed honors like the Defense Superior Service Medal. Washington’s unwavering commitment to excellence, safety, and innovation continues to shape the future of transportation.

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