Skid Row’s Beloved Grocery Store to Transition Ownership to Black-Led Nonprofit, Creating Justice LA

Skid Row’s Beloved Grocery Store to Transition Ownership to Black-Led Nonprofit, Creating Justice LA
  • PublishedJanuary 22, 2024

In Los Angeles, CA, a cherished community grocery store on Skid Row is about to embark on a new chapter under the stewardship of a Black-led nonprofit.

KABC-7 reports that the Skid Row People’s Market, a store deeply appreciated by the local community, will soon transition to the ownership of a Black-led nonprofit organization. The store has been under the dedicated leadership of Danny Park, who took the reins following the passing of his father. Since then, Park has been committed to operating a store that places the community’s needs at the forefront, even extending store credit to customers facing financial constraints.

“This market has been a place that offers store credit when you’re running low at the end of the month, free electricity and water, fresh and affordable products, a sense of safety, security, and refuge for folks living on the streets,” Park emphasized during a press conference.

Now, the store’s compassionate ethos is being entrusted to Creating Justice LA, also known as The Shaw Community Transformation Corp. This nonprofit was founded by Pastor Stephen Cue Jn-Marie with the mission of bringing economic improvement to Skid Row, as stated on its website.

The decision to transfer ownership of the store stemmed from Park’s acknowledgment that he could no longer bear the financial costs and time commitments required by the project. In light of this, he reached out to Creating Justice LA, a close collaborator of the grocery store, as mentioned on the nonprofit’s website.

“Danny said, ‘I don’t want a for-profit person to come in and just be about profit. I want the legacy of the market to continue,'” Jn-Marie revealed to KABC-7.

Reflecting on this significant decision, Park expressed, “As a Korean American, this moment feels like a deep bow of veneration, respect, and gratitude to the African American community.”

While Creating Justice LA prepares for the responsibilities ahead, the organization is also actively seeking additional funding to support its ongoing community initiatives.

“We’re trying to raise $300K, not just to purchase the store but also to continue running our nonprofit,” Jn-Marie explained to KABC-7.

This transition of ownership signifies a remarkable collaboration between diverse communities, dedicated to upholding the values of community support and unity on Skid Row.

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