Two Savannah State Students Selected for Shannon Sharpe Internship

Two Savannah State Students Selected for Shannon Sharpe Internship
  • PublishedApril 6, 2024

The anticipation has come to an end as the names of the interns for Shannon Sharpe’s company, Shay Shay Media, have been unveiled. Among the chosen few are Daryl Green and Natayja Smith, both students of Savannah State University, who clinched the coveted Shay Shay Media Social Media Internship. Their roles will involve assisting with Sharpe’s renowned podcasts, Club Shay Shay and Nightcap.

Daryl Green, a junior majoring in Mass Communications, couldn’t contain his elation upon hearing the news. In an interview with ClutchPoints, Green expressed gratitude for the opportunity and highlighted the culmination of hard work and dedication that led to this achievement. Green’s journey, from a student-athlete at Bluefield State to becoming a prominent journalist at Savannah State University, underscores his commitment to excellence. Engaged in various student organizations like the Mass Communication Student Association and the National Association of Black Journalists, Green aims not only to succeed personally but also to shine a light on the talent fostered at Savannah State.

Reflecting on the significance of Shannon Sharpe’s alma mater, Green emphasized the importance of showcasing the caliber of talent nurtured at HBCUs like Savannah State. Sharpe’s legacy as a respected African American media personality serves as a source of inspiration for Green, who is eager to prove his mettle in this role.

Senior Natayja Smith, majoring in Television & Film Production, also secured a spot in the internship program. With a remarkable track record that includes internships at ESPN Coastal and WTOC-TV, Smith’s journey to success has been marked by dedication and perseverance. Smith’s sentiment upon receiving the internship offer mirrored Green’s; she expressed pride in her achievement and underscored the significance of this opportunity for Savannah State’s journalism program.

Both Green and Smith embody qualities that aspiring Mass Communication students can emulate. From persistence and time management to self-motivation, their journey serves as a testament to the power of determination and hard work.

As Savannah State University continues to foster talent and produce future leaders in media and journalism, the selection of Daryl Green and Natayja Smith for the Shannon Sharpe internship stands as a testament to the institution’s commitment to excellence. With this opportunity, Green, Smith, and Savannah State University are poised to make their mark in the world of media and beyond.

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