U.S. Black Chambers, Inc. Marks a Milestone with the “Access Granted Salon Dinner: Capital Solutions for Black Businesses”

U.S. Black Chambers, Inc. Marks a Milestone with the “Access Granted Salon Dinner: Capital Solutions for Black Businesses”
  • PublishedApril 1, 2024

The evening of March 20, 2024, saw the U.S. Black Chambers, Inc. (USBC) orchestrate the monumental “Access Granted Salon Dinner: Capital Solutions for Black Businesses” at the esteemed Salamander Hotel in Washington D.C. This elite event commemorated the centennial of the historic Civic Club dinner, which significantly contributed to sparking the Harlem Renaissance. In the spirit of the 1924 convening, USBC’s Access Granted initiative seeks to herald a period of renewed economic empowerment and prosperity for the global Black community.

The dinner, meticulously curated by USBC and led by its President & CEO, Ron Busby Sr., convened an eminent group of leaders from finance, business, politics, and research. The distinguished guest list featured members of the USBC Board; Eric Morrissette, the Acting Under Secretary of Commerce for Minority Business Development;  Dillon Iwu, Vice President of Government Affairs at American Investment Council; Arian Simone, CEO & Founder of Fearless Fund; Alcina Goosby, CEO & Founder of Overbrook A. Capital Group; Janell Stephens, CEO of Camille Rose; Omi Bell, CEO & Founder of Black Girl Ventures; Allegra Stennet of New Majority Capital; Necole Parker, CEO & Founder of The ELOCEN Group; Pamela Alexander, Head of Corporate Citizenship at KKR & Co.; Wanda Felton of Demopolis Equity Partners; Lenora Robinson Mills, COO of IMB Partners; Steve Roberts from Roberts Broadcasting Company; Chris Grant of Yoke Management Partners; and Lamar Barnes, Managing Partner of Impel Capital; and Tony Parchment of Buchanan-Edwards; and many more pivotal figures, all united in fostering innovation and taking full advantage of the opportunities provided by the private fund’s industry. 

Ron Busby Sr. reflected on the event, “This evening, we are propelled by the monumental figures before us, motivated by the Civic Club dinner’s enduring legacy, to sculpt a future where Black businesses prosper like never before. Through deliberate dialogues, thoughtful gatherings, and significant partnerships, we are crafting the foundation for an upcoming age of worldwide economic success and empowerment for the Black community.”

The salon dinner delved into pressing matters confronting Black businesses, including economic advancement, the role of venture capital and private equity, policy implications, and the critical need for increased mergers and acquisitions and incentives that drive this activity, such as carried interest taxation. It offered a platform for deep discussions and practical insights on supporting Black businesses, advocating for a more significant presence of Black fund managers, and creating a supportive policy framework for growth and success.

The Access Granted Salon Dinner Series represents more than an event; it embodies a movement aimed at closing divides, creating connections, and uncovering innovative approaches to elevate Black-owned businesses. The USBC remains dedicated to this cause, ensuring the conversations initiated at the dinner continue to spur change and bring about substantial effects for the Black business ecosystem.

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