Rapsody Follows Nipsey Hussle’s Footsteps: Introduces $100 Vinyl Copies of New Album Under ‘Proud 2 Pay’ Model

Rapsody Follows Nipsey Hussle’s Footsteps: Introduces $100 Vinyl Copies of New Album Under ‘Proud 2 Pay’ Model
  • PublishedMarch 28, 2024

Rapsody, the esteemed lyricist, has taken a page from the late Nipsey Hussle’s playbook, unveiling her latest album release strategy. In a move inspired by Hussle’s innovative ‘Proud 2 Pay’ campaign, Rapsody announced that autographed vinyl copies of her upcoming album, “Please Don’t Cry,” will be available for $100 each.

The announcement came through Rapsody’s Instagram on Wednesday (March 27), where she shared a nostalgic nod to Nipsey’s groundbreaking marketing approach. Reflecting on Hussle’s legacy, particularly his desire to assess the true value of his music among his most dedicated supporters, Rapsody expressed her admiration for the late rap icon’s visionary tactics.

Referencing Nipsey’s 2013 ‘Proud 2 Pay’ campaign, Rapsody highlighted its significance in affirming the value of art to devoted fans who perceive its depth and brilliance. Drawing a parallel between appreciating a Basquiat masterpiece and recognizing the worth of musical genius, Rapsody emphasized the subjective nature of art’s value, echoing Hussle’s ethos of choice over coercion.

Acknowledging the inspiration she drew from Nipsey’s model, Rapsody conveyed her gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to his enduring legacy. Embracing the ethos of ‘Proud 2 Pay,’ she emphasized the importance of meaningful engagement with her fanbase, affectionately referred to as the Loved Ones, while celebrating the intrinsic value of creativity and expression.

Rapsody’s announcement detailed various purchase options for fans, including signed vinyl copies of the album, exclusive merchandise items, and access to unreleased content, all bundled within different price tiers. This strategy not only echoes Nipsey Hussle’s original approach but also demonstrates Rapsody’s commitment to fostering a deeper connection with her audience while honoring her musical roots.

Nipsey Hussle’s impact on the music industry, particularly through his entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to empowering artists, continues to resonate profoundly. His ‘Proud 2 Pay’ model challenged conventional distribution methods, paving the way for artists like Rapsody to explore alternative avenues of connecting with their supporters.

In a poignant tribute to Nipsey’s enduring legacy, Rapsody concluded her announcement with a heartfelt acknowledgment of his influence, underscoring the eternal resonance of his message: “The marathon continues.” Through her adaptation of the ‘Proud 2 Pay’ model, Rapsody pays homage to Hussle’s vision while forging her own path toward artistic empowerment and fan engagement.

As Rapsody prepares to release “Please Don’t Cry,” her adoption of Nipsey Hussle’s pioneering approach serves as a testament to the enduring impact of innovative thinking and the timeless value of authentic connection in the realm of music and art.

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